Why Quality Content is Your Key to Success

Quality content

Unlock the door to success online with quality content

Quality content, like everything we do, needs focus. If you’re going to be successful at something, then you’ve got to give it your full attention. Content marketing is exactly the same; if you’re going to make it work for your business, then you’ve got to do it well. 

A lot of businesses start doing content marketing because everyone else is doing it, and if it works for everyone else, then why shouldn’t it work for you? Indeed, the biggest brands in the world are making use of content marketing, and they’re doing extremely well from it. The thing is, these companies are doing well from content marketing because they do a really good job of it. 

If your business embraces content marketing in a half-hearted way and puts a few mediocre blogs on its website, then it simply isn’t going to see the same results. 

The great thing about content is that businesses of all sizes can use it to pursue their goals, but the key ingredient to any campaign is quality. 

What is Quality Content?

You often hear the term high-quality content mentioned in conjunction with offering value and that’s a great way to look at it. 

Of course, you want your content to offer value to your business by bringing in traffic, creating leads, and converting customers, but to do this, you’ve first got to offer value to the people consuming your content

The easiest way to do this is by giving people the answers to their questions and helping them solve problems. At the end of the day, that’s what your business is there to do – solve a problem. 

When you understand the questions your audience has and how they go about solving them, that’s when you can start to create the kind of content that’s going to offer value to your customers. 

To do this you want your content to have the following qualities:

  • Relevant
  • Focused
  • Engaging
  • Fresh
  • User-friendly

Say your business sells weedkiller. You see many businesses that would put a 300-word block of text on their blog that’s jammed with keywords and details why their product is brilliant – but this doesn’t solve their audience’s problems, and it’s certainly not engaging. 

Instead, your business can look at how it solves the overriding problem people have with a high-quality article such as “The Hidden Tricks to Keep Weeds Down and Grow the Perfect Lawn.”

Will this take more time and effort than a blurb of your product? Yes, it will, but content without quality isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Your Content Speaks for Your Brand 

As individuals, we’re acutely aware of the impact of first impressions. When it comes to your brand it’s no different though.

When people interact with your brand for the first time, they’re automatically looking for signs that can help them evaluate your business. Is it trustworthy? Does it share the same values as they do? Is it likely to offer the information they are looking for? Is it an authoritative source?

It does not take long for people to make decisions about your brand, and in the modern world, guess what they’re going to use to make that judgement? It’s very often going to be your content, whether that’s on social media, your website, or your advertising. 

If your content is of a low quality, then that’s the first impression people are going to have of your brand. 

Take the weed killer company. When you read their 300-word block of text that’s all about their product – what are you going to think? The chances are you will think it’s lazy and self-promotional.

Compare that to the weed killer company that’s giving you practical information to help you grow the perfect weed-free lawn and there’s a big difference.

search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimization 

What is Google’s job?

It’s to link people with the pages that most accurately convey the information they are looking for. If Google is going to send people to your website, then you’ve got to help them achieve their goals, and the only way you do this is by offering quality content. 

One of the reasons Google is so popular is because it’s extremely good at its job. The top listings almost always answer the questions you’re searching for and that’s because Google’s algorithm is finely tuned to promote the very best content. 

If someone types into Google “how to kill the weeds in my lawn,” then which article do you think is more likely to come up? The one about a specific weed killer or the article with practical advice on how to get rid of the weeds in your lawn?

Of course, you need to show off your products, but that’s what your product pages are for. The rest of your content should be optimised to show how those products fit into the bigger picture. 

Google wants to show web pages that answer people’s questions in full – a one-stop-shop for everyone’s information, and there’s nothing stopping your business from being that shop.

convert customers through quality content

Convert Customers with Quality Content

When the conversation of conversions comes up, content often fails to get mentioned. However, it plays a huge role in convincing your visitors to become customers. 

The main reason is, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your expertise. You’re not just promising that your product or service is amazing, but you’re actually showing people why it’s amazing – because you have all this great knowledge. 

People want to deal with companies that are authoritative and experts within their field, and the best way to show this is through high-quality content. You’ve got all this industry-leading knowledge in your head and in the brains of your employees, so why not show it off by making sure your content is high-quality?

When you put out average content, you’re not going to see your content marketing make a big difference to your conversions, but when you go the extra mile, you will see a big difference.

In fact, conversion rates for companies that thoroughly embrace content marketing are nearly 6 times higher!

social media sharing

Have Something to Share

The same principle applies to your social media marketing. Your efforts are going to be much less effective if you don’t have quality content to share. 

There’s so much competition out there on platforms like Facebook, and you’re constantly in a fight to stand out from the crowd. You simply can’t do this if you’re not putting out high-quality content, and again, if you’re doing it half-heartedly, there’s almost no point in doing it at all.

The answer is that whatever medium you’re using, your content has to be thoroughly planned out and optimised to offer people the most value possible. If you’re not doing this, then it’s your competition who offers value through their content that’s going to hoover up all the shares.

Social media is an amazing way to reach a huge and varied audience, but you can only take advantage of this if you’ve got content that people want to consume. 

quality content key to success


Simply putting out content without paying attention to quality isn’t going to allow you to achieve the results you crave. 

There’s a huge demand for information in our society, and we have every opportunity to capitalize on this, but it has to be presented in the right way. There’s nothing stopping your business from providing people with high-quality content that’s interesting, entertaining, useful, and answers the question your audience has. 

It’s just a question of making quality your focus, and at Word Glue Marketing we can help you with this. With a little love and attention to your written word, we can help make sure your content represents the quality of your brand, boosts your SEO, increases conversions, and grows your social media presence. 

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