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Content Creation Cornwall

Word Glue Marketing is a content creation marketing business based in Cornwall, United Kingdom. We are a small business with our roots firmly in the hospitality, property, digital marketing & SEO sectors.

Growing artisan food and drink companies are a particular focus.

Cornwall has been our home for generations. We have seen it grow and expand from small fishing villages, windswept & isolated communities, and tiny, parochial towns into an international destination with a reputation for great food, drinks, and hospitality. Our coastline is ranked as some of the best in the world, renowned for soft, white sand, rugged cliffs shearing away to pretty coves, creating memories in the mind that linger long after your visit.

Creating great content that expands your small business marketing interests and profit margins is what lights us up. Let us put our writing skills to work for you. We’ll get your business back on track in no time through the power of the written word.

The written word encompasses every aspect of marketing from blogs, websites, articles, emails, sales pages, landing pages, social media, and of course videos. We work closely with you to discover your writing voice and develop a small business marketing plan that works hard for you, attracting more business and profits in a way that is congruent with your business principles.

We are here to serve.

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Content Creation Cornwall
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