Content Marketing Know-How

content marketing know-how

Maintaining Your Brand Relevance Through Content Marketing

When it comes to branding and content marketing, a lot of the discussion centres around defining your brand.

Content is indeed a great way of helping to define your brand, but you have an evolving business that operates in an evolving world, with evolving customers. Your content needs to grow to reflect this. 

Often when people think about their website and how it ties in with their branding, they’re tempted to look at it as a one and done thing.

You build a nice site in your brand colours, and job done, it’s there forever. If you look at your website as a one-time investment though, you’re simply not going to have the success you crave. 

That’s why your content marketing is so important – because it helps to maintain your brand relevance along with all the benefits this brings. 

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Your Website is Your Modern Day Storefront 

When you build a brand new (physical) store, it’s all shiny and fancy, everything looks neat and tidy, and it’s a sparkling representation of what your brand stands for. 

However, a year rolls by, and you get to the next summer, and you start to notice the chips on the window sills. Another year rolls by and the lightbulbs on your really cool neon sign blow so you’re no longer “Jon’s Long Jons,” you’re “Jo’s Long Jos” and a lot of the sparkle has rubbed off. 

In the modern world, you don’t just have one storefront though, you have your physical one, and you have your website and the same things apply. If you don’t keep updating things, then your website is going to lose its sparkle, and your brand is going to appeal to less people. 

If you’ve got a website that hasn’t been updated in two years, what does it say about your brand? Much the same thing as the physical storefront that reads “Jo’s Long Jos” because the lights haven’t been replaced in the sign. 

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Content Marketing Reaffirms Your Authority 

Content marketing offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Within your organisation, you have many experts, so why not make the most of it by showcasing it to the world. 

Bob the accountant is sat at his desk all day saving his clients money, so let people know why they need his services, and how he can save people even more money. By constantly updating your website with valuable information your brand is showing a commitment to quality and a commitment to its customers. 

However, just as your storefront can start to look jaded with time, your information starts to become less relevant. If Bob’s accounting advice is 2 years old, then people are going to start to question how effective it might be, and suddenly Bob doesn’t appear as authoritative as he once did. 

Your content builds your authority, but you’ve got to keep reaffirming it by updating and building upon your work. 

It Helps You Stay Relevant

You often see adverts on TV from big brands that don’t even feature a product. They’re just abstract ideas or a slogan, with no direct intent to sell a product. 

These ads are all about branding, and they hit on an important idea – to maintain relevance, you’ve got to be seen. Even the biggest brands in the world can’t afford to stop getting their brand in front of people because surely but slowly, they will be forgotten. 

Most businesses can’t afford to have a TV ad that doesn’t even feature their brand name (the biggest companies can rely on the power of their logo), but they can reach a huge audience through their content marketing. 

The world changes at a fast pace, and you can show people how your business is adapting to meet their needs. All you need is a platform, and through your websites and your social media platforms, that’s exactly what you’ve got. 

This is a continuous process though, and you’ve got to be invested in your content creation, otherwise, even the biggest brands can get forgotten.

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Extract Useful Data for Content Marketing Mastery

When you’ve got large numbers of people consuming your content it’s a great opportunity to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. 

Whether you’re posting your content on your website, or social media platforms, you’ve got so much data available to you to help you narrow down the best approach. This isn’t just limited to your content creation either. The data you collect can serve as a blueprint for all of your marketing, and help you boost your ROI. 

You’ve got complete freedom to do what you want with your content, which means you can find the approaches that work best for your business. 

While your brand should be clearly defined, the messages you use to convey it can be very fluid, and one of the best ways to optimise these messages is through your content marketing.


Your website can’t just be a one and done thing – it’s something that takes a consistent investment of time and energy if you’re to get the most out of it. 

One of the best ways to keep your brand relevant, and your website doing a sparkling job for your business is by focusing on your content and making sure you’re consistently providing your audience with quality.

This can be through written texts, video, infographics, or any medium you like, the important thing is that you’re getting your brand in front of people. 

If you leave your website and forget about it, then it’s going to show, and your audience is soon going to forget about it too.

You’ve worked hard to build your brand, but now you’ve got to maintain its relevance by being consistent with your content. 

Don’t let your website become stale through a lack of fresh content. Let Word Glue Marketing create content marketing consistently, so your brand identity, website, and social media posts reflect your business.

We create, so you don’t have to!

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