Content Creation Strategy – Crafting a Killer Blueprint

Content Creation Strategy – Your Small Business Action Steps to Success

Content Creation Strategy – 3 words that are enough to send a dagger of despair into the heart of any small business owner. On top of everything else you do (and you wear a lot of hats), this is the one thing that takes up a lot of time and energy.

It feels like marketing is the straw that breaks the camel’s back because it takes time and effort to post to all those different sites – your blog, all your social media profiles, pages, and groups.

I Get It – Content Creation Strategy is Hard to Fit In!

But, let me ask you this? If you don’t market, where does your business come from? How do your customers and clients find you?

It’s a vicious circle that doesn’t seem to have an ending.

Unless you get savvy, the outcome will be fewer customers, fewer clients, and most importantly, fewer sales.

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3 Steps to Content Creation Strategy Autopilot Heaven

So let me help you begin to put together a content marketing strategy that is easy to put in place and simple to maintain. After all, you want to get to that glorious position of being able to do it once and put your writing efforts onto autopilot.

I’m not promising instant success, but the sooner you get some structure in place, the sooner your content creation will begin working for you, to create an evergreen stream of sales leads.

Step 1. Schedule an appointment in your diary to write

The more times you write, the better you will become, but it does depend on you to keep the appointment with yourself!

Turn your appointment into a habit. It can soon become something to look forward to. Relax and let your creative self come to the fore. If you feel that ‘blank page’ syndrome coming on, just write anything that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter if it is jibberish, discipline yourself to sit and write for the allotted time.

I promise you will soon be flexing that writing muscle with greater strength, giving power to your marketing elbow!

Step 2. Be clear on your writing voice

What do you want your audience to learn about your business from the tone of your writing? Who is your perfect customer?

The best way to understand your perfect customer/client is to dig deep into your client records. Find the person you most like to work with and ask some searching questions about why you like them. The more you can clearly picture that person, the better.

When you write, write as if you are having a conversation with that perfect customer. Answer their most pressing problems. Help them to become more emotionally attached to what you do. By appealing to their emotions, you will turn them into super fans, ready to soak up everything you have to show them.

Word of caution – whilst writing like you would have a conversation with your perfect customer, don’t neglect good grammar and spelling. Whilst we need the emotional tone of your writing to captivate and draw clients in, we still require the basic structure to be correct.

Step 3. Automate as much as you can

In today’s world of hustle and bustle, you want to take advantage of all the wonderful range of software companies that can get your content published in as many places as possible, without you having to physically do it yourself at that moment.

Like any great workman, the right tools for the right job are essential. No point taking a mallet to crack a nut when a small pair of nutcrackers will do the job more easily and efficiently.

Software such as Missing Lettr is a wonderful way to distribute your content in a way that makes it evergreen, ie. is brought back to the forefront of your content creation arsenal periodically throughout the year. All without you having to touch it once the initial set up is done!

Missing Lettr detects, through your RSS feed on your blog, when new content has been added. It will then select various quotes from your writing and create a new ‘hook’ or headline to draw your reader in.

It is also able to add hashtags, making it easier for people to find your work when they are searching for an answer to their problem.

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We use Missing Lettr here at Word Glue Marketing to filter our blog content through to selected social media profiles instead of manually posting it ourselves. The link is an affiliate link. However, we would not recommend anything unless we are a hundred percent happy with the product and service.

Why not take a look at their free webinar where they show you what a drip marketing campaign is; how a simple, repeatable formula will drive even more ROI from each blog post you make; and how to create your own, easy-to-set-up campaigns. Here at Word Glue Marketing, we wouldn’t be without it now!

If you found this article of help, and you’d like to discover more great tips for creating content for your websites, social media and newsletters, I invite you to grab your copy of the “5 Best Content Creation Secrets” ebook.

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