Content Creation Made Simple

CREATE – Content Creation Made Simple

How to take an easy concept and generate written abundance

Create - Content Creation Made Simple

CREATE — the very word is the beginning of everything. We are all creators. But how does the word create manifest itself in the online world?

Regardless of whether you are a widget maker or a painter, boutique beer maker, craft gin producer, or children’s dance class teacher, you create things. And those things need to be sold to others that value them in order for you to thrive.

So how do we grab the attention of our best customers? We write things … articles, reports, sales pages, advertisements, social media — the list is endless, but they all start life as a word on a page.

content creation made simple

In this day and age, we tend to use electronic devices, but the steps are much the same as our forefathers who wrote with a pen and paper. 

Step 1. Form words and join sentences together that draws the perfect customer to your products or services.

Step 2. Place the advert in the local newspaper

Step 3. Sit back and wait for the telephone to ring with an order

However, it is not quite so simple these days

The Voracious Appetite of Todays Advertising

fierce competition

Competition is fierce. We know we are good at creating our products or delivering our service, but we are not confident that our writing skills are up to the job of actually being able to sell.

In today’s world, we have to create an unending stream of different forms of advertising in order to get our voice heard above the din of our competitors.

 We have to devote time and effort to something that we don’t always understand but have to become experts in short order so that we can continue to make our products or market our services.

It’s a vicious circle

Let me help you find a simple way to collate your thoughts and turn them into a process that will multiply the efforts you put in for maximum effect.

It doesn’t need to be hard, long-winded, or complicated. Here’s an idea that works like a dream … use a template. This article is using a template — The Acronym Template. My friends and Tim Maudlin have perfected the art of the acronym template and have kindly shared their system with me.

5 Easy Steps To Content Creation


First, we have to write. We have to explain our products and services in a way that connects with the heart of your audience. You need to use words that get right to the point of their pain and address their issues.


Once we have a body of content, it is easy to split it up and spread it around, using the words as quotes, snippets, new articles, videos, podcasts, social media posts. The list is endless.

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Your words want to provoke engagement; that is, people reacting to your articles and posts. If your content is helpful and can remedy an issue or suggest a product that can solve a problem, your audience will want to connect with you to find out more.


Here at Word Glue Marketing, we LOVE articles! We also love to take the strain off your workload by writing articles for you to use on your website, blog, in fact anywhere you need content. We also help you to repurpose them to create evergreen content that repays you over and over again, year after year.

Content creation made simple
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We believe that in teaching a man to fish, he will be able to feed himself. Our passion is enabling you to feel confident enough to do this for yourself if you want to. We do recognise though, that not everyone has the time or inclination to do so, so we are flexible in our approach.


Now, this is the end goal for us all in business! We do need to earn in order to thrive, both in business and in life. By creating content in a way that connects with your audience, satisfies the search engines and your creative soul, you will EARN. 

content creation made simple
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Don’t you just love a system? Do you find it easier to get things done and feel in control when you have a path to follow? It’s like it leaves your mind free to think when it is clear of all the clutter. A clear mind creates.

if you love this article and would like to learn more about Acronym Magic, why not take a look at Word Glue Marketing?  

Our passion is writing heartfelt copy for your business. We create content that reflects who you are and what you do, so that your perfect customers fall in love with your products and services, delivering quality leads that convert to sales.

Your peace of mind, freedom to concentrate on other areas of your business knowing that your online presence is in a safe pair of hands is our business. As a family, mother and son, we understand the complexities of running a business and wearing numerous hats.

We are an extension of your business offering flexible, cost effective solutions to content creation and writing for business so that you can relax safe in the knowledge it’s one less hat you need to wear!

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