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5 Simple Ways to Attract Sales with Content Creation

Content creation often gets a bad rap, mainly because people are afraid. The last time they had to create anything of any great significance it was at school for an exam – enough to put fear into anyone!

It was a different type of writing needed in that instance. Factual, dry, possibly unintelligible to anyone other than a master of the subject.

Content Creation Inspiration

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Today you are looking for inspiration to excite your customers through your written word. However, it’s just not happening. You sit and stare at the paper or screen in front of you. No matter what, the spark is not happening today.

You love your business, you’re great at what you do (everyone tells you how wonderful your work is), so why can’t you transfer that love to paper?

Today’s marketing means that you need to be as great with the written word as any other medium. Even Youtube videos need to be carefully constructed and sketched out before you manage to deliver a message that hits the heart of your audience.

And therein lies one of the keys to creating content that draws your perfect customer to you like a bee to honey.

Hitting The Heart of Your Perfect Customer with Content Creation

What if you could connect with your perfect customer every time you published a piece of written content? Easily find your voice and create a written connection that not only speaks to your current customers but engages with a whole new set of perfect clients long after you publish your article, social media post, or blog.

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Here are 5 simple ways to Write Winning Content

1. Create A Winning Content Creation Habit

Writing is a habit that is best formed by writing regularly. Not only do you improve, but the discipline of sitting and writing encourages the inspiration to flow when you want it, rather than when inspiration feels it is going to grace you with its presence!

2. Write To Your Best Customer

Who is your very best customer? Not necessarily your best friend, but the raving fan customer that falls in love with everything you produce and keeps on coming back for more.

When you write for your business, create content that will hit the heart of your perfect customer. Write as if you are having a conversation with her. What does she want to know? What does she need to hear?

3. Have A Content Creation Plan

Life is always easier when we have a plan! Going shopping tends to be much less stressful if you have a list. You don’t get sidetracked and buy chocolate when you went into the supermarket for eggs.

It is the same with content creation. Have a plan of when you want to publish your words, on what platforms, on which days. Break the days down into specific content messages such as sales, information, ideas, news … you get the idea!

4. K.I.S.S

Now, I always say this is Keep It Simple, Silly! Others might tell you something else, like the teacher at school who didn’t appreciate your efforts in his class!

It is the fear of being something worse than silly that has probably held you back before. Kick that idea to the curb now and leave it firmly in the past.

Keep your writing simple. Keep it focused on one idea at a time.

5. Make Your Writing Evergreen

Like holly trees, keep your writing evergreen. This can mean in the way you write or where you place that writing once you’re finished with it.

Make it work hard for you with an invite to your newsletter or free giveaway. Your words can be your virtual handshake, an introduction to discover more about you and your business.

Allow your writing to build your list by engaging with your audience in such a way they want to hear more from you. Give them the means to continue the conversation with you. You’ll be glad you did!

Years from now your evergreen writing can still be directing more perfect customers your way without you having to do any more work for the additional income. Time and stress saving, as well as extra income, what’s not to love!

evergreen writing

More Great Ways To Increase Your Content Creation

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