8 Reasons Why Blogging Boosts Your E-Commerce Store Performance

Guest blog post by Katharine Miller of Retailer-Resources.com

Edited 5th September 2021

Why Blogging? As a brick-and-mortar retailer for many years, when blogging became a ‘thing’, I knew I had found my passion.  I opened my first online store back in 2014. I poured my heart and soul into creating product ranges perfect for my ideal customers, built my website, placed all my knowledge of sales behind my dream.

What really flipped the switch between my heart-based hobby business, and leaving employment to be a full-time business owner, was mastering how to create content.

Content I could create to showcase what I do.

Social media, blogging, and well-crafted text on my website and sales pages consistently got my brand out in the world.  Carefully curated content creation boosted my business financially and changed my life!

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Here are eight reasons why blogging boosted my own e-commerce business, and how it can be for you, too!

Think Blogging, Think Your Message, Your Words

  • It’s important for crafters and retailers to produce not only their products to a high quality but written content too.  By finding my own voice and sharing my message with my customers blogging allowed my passion and personality to shine through; which is an essential part of business branding that a lot of business owners forget about… Or don’t include it because it’s difficult and scary to get started.  By showing your business is about more than just what you sell, you will be setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Blog Reviews – Your Products, More Excitement

  • Reading about new or featured products from a lifestyle point of view gets across in a non-selling way the benefits of buying a product.  I used my store blog to review my wares, to talk about the process of selecting or making them, and to do new product launches and reveals.  This helps customers to build up excitement and awareness of all the fabulous finds available in your catalogue, making shopping decisions so much easier.

Questions – More Engagement, More Sales

  • By asking questions, and encouraging reply with comments to be left or instant messaging I utilized my webshop’s blog to engage with my customers.  Much like with social media marketing, blogging is a great way of engaging – making readers feel part of an inclusive community – and engaged people actively want to come back to continue conversations, as they feel valued and listened to.

Blogging – Share Stories, Build Loyalty

  • Blogging is an awesome tool for building brand loyalty by story building. Every business has a backstory, a reason for being, and product-based businesses are no different. What is your backstory?  What does your retail business mean to you?  Bring this into your blog, and your customer’s awareness.  Learning this builds loyalty, as the saying goes ‘people buy people’.

Testimonials – People Buy People

  • A great way to include customer testimonials is to write them into a blog.  It is another way to make use of positive feedback you receive, with product photos, even better happy customer photos, and links to buy, this increases the human element of shopping online.
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Repurpose – Choose Snippets, Create Buzz

  • Blogging will save you time… Yes really!  Repurposing content from blogs throughout my social media, by breaking posts down into easy read snippets, was an eye-opening. A content creation timesaving technique I learned when running my own ecommerce store.  As a busy retailer timesaving tips are always a win with me!

Backlinks – Reinforce Your Brand

  • Including backlinks between your blog posts and your ecommerce store’s product pages – making the customer journey easier – increases the likelihood of onward clicks through your shopping site, leading to the all-important buy! Internal backlinks are also good for search engine optimization (SEO), so a double bonus.

SEO – Show Up in the Searches

  • Do you want your website to rank well for keywords on Google searches? To be found for relevant keywords on search engines, you need to increase your content.  Consistently writing keyword-rich posts will help you with your ranking longterm.

Finding Your Voice – Outsourcing Your Copywriting

All these tips sound fantastic, but, I hear you ask, “How do I find my voice, without sounding overly salesy, when writing blogs for my store’s marketing?”

These days I am a retail coach, training fellow product-based independent business owners’ ways to increase productivity; saving their time, and maximizing their profits so they can pay themselves a higher wage.  I help retailers maximise their time, so they do what they love outside of work, as well as within it.

When it comes to blogging or writing most types of content, my clients often tell me they feel hopeless at explaining themselves on paper. Unsure how to express themselves more easily, they struggle. Not knowing how to create a content strategy that suits their product, their customer, and their own lifestyle.


I’ll Tell You a Not-So-Secret Secret!

There are experts who will show you the way!  Wordsmiths Word Glue Marketing can help you master the written word, creating content with a plan so that your brand can be found more easily online through blogs, social media, and your own well-written website pages. 

I know firsthand how hard it is to do all the things yourself in business.  Outsourcing is often the first step to reduced stress and free time; allowing you to focus on other areas of your business, so now you know the power of blogging, get in touch with Word Glue!

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