Artisan Food and Drink Marketing Tips

How To Work With Top Copywriters Even When You Are Scared Of The Budget Question

artisan food and drink marketing tips

You are searching for artisan food and drink marketing tips hoping to come up with something that will make the difference between you and your competitors.

It’s been suggested that you look into content marketing or blog posting, but you are struggling to find the time to write anything yourself.  So you’ve contacted a freelance copywriter.

The copywriter has come highly recommended.  On the face of it, they are exactly what you need.  They are experts in artisan food and drink copywriting.  And it’s clear they’ve written for many high-profile brands, but the question is can they help you.

As you nervously get on a call with them, your mind goes into overdrive.  You are unsure of exactly what you want, need, or can afford.  It is scary having to talk to a complete stranger about the inner workings of your business.  And alarming to voice out loud exactly what you want and how much you have in your budget to get the job done.

What’s Your Budget?

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Right on cue, the question rears its ugly head.  You knew it was going to come up, as it was making you fidgety.  Feeling embarrassed to admit that you don’t have a budget, or that your budget may not be in line with what you “think” the copywriter’s prices are going to be, the conversation comes to a full stop.

You feel stuck.  Anxious. Unable to move the conversation onwards.  And you are still no further forward with your plans for content and copy for your website.


Build a Recipe With Your Ideas

Rewind. Let’s break this down, so you can confidently discuss what’s best for you and your food and drink business, without embarrassment or anxiety.

If your copywriter is worth their salt, they will be asking a number of fact-finding questions to help them determine how they can help you.  Rather like a doctor trying to diagnose your ailment, your copywriter wants to explore all facets of your project.

Understanding your budget is simply one aspect of the whole recipe, like eggs in a cake batter, that binds the rest of the ingredients together.  The copywriter wants to figure out what they can do for you within the parameters of their knowledge and your project.

recipe for success

Artisan Food and Drink Marketing Tips to Create Your

Budget-Perfect Dish

Working together to come up with the correct ingredients for your project, including a budget, is a joint effort.  Don’t be afraid to explore what may be possible by asking questions!  The copywriter will be happy to help you create something unique, especially if they really like your project and want to work with you.

If this is the first time you’ve worked with someone outside your organisation on copy, you may want to discuss a small project that can be the foundation for greater collaboration in the future.

Here are 4 ingredients that will help:

  1. Invest in great copy for your website and products.
  2. Save time and energy
  3. Engage a copywriter who is also a strategist
  4. Increase your reach, sales and ROI

Marketing Tip 1: Invest in Great Copy – Quality Trumps Quantity Every Time!

Firstly, refine the ingredients so that they meet the needs of your project.  What do you want to include to kick-start your working relationship?  

Like every great chef using the highest quality ingredients in their dishes, you also want to aspire to the best.  Even if the project may be smaller at first than you had initially envisioned, quality trumps quantity every time!  

Quality is the benchmark for the search engines too, distinguishing your website from others, and drawing qualified traffic to your website. Excellent, evergreen copy will pay handsome dividends for years to come by attracting the right people to your products.

Great copy gives your story wings!  It brings it alive and encourages people to invest in you and your products.

quality tips for food and drink marketing success

Marketing Tip 2: Save Time and Energy

Picking a freelance copywriter who is an expert with words, who understands your industry, and who can write as if it were you speaking will save you untold hours, energy, and stress.

Time that you can better spend elsewhere on your business. 

Taking on the money question up-front will save you the toing and froing, the hemming and hawing, anxiety, and disappointment.  Work together to come up with the perfect recipe for your project.

Collaboration is the name of the game.  It is always better to work together to get the very best solution to your problem.

Marketing Tip 3: Engage a Strategist Copywriter 

What do I mean by strategist copywriter?  A strategist is someone who can see the bigger picture, understand what you are looking to achieve, and be able to come up with a plan that suits you and your pocket.

As with every recipe, there’s always a number of different ideas that could work.  It is the expertise of the strategist to guide you to the best option for you.  An independent eye on your business is invaluable to get the most out of your working relationship.

Marketing Tip 4: Increase Your Reach, Sales, and ROI

Never underestimate the power of words to increase your reach, sales, and return on investment!

When people buy your products or services they are buying a tiny piece of you and your story.  However good the photos and images are on your website and social media platforms, it is the words that hook people in and have them open their wallets.

More words equal more reach, which in turn equals more sales.

Return on your investment in a copywriter is assured.  Your only question should be how much copy can I get for my investment?

Taking Your Copywriter Budget-Perfect Conversation Out of the Oven

As with all things in the kitchen, the balance between great ingredients, skilled cooking, and the temperature of the oven will determine how good your finished ‘cake’ will be.

Don’t be afraid of the money conversation.  Your copywriter will thank you for being up-front and honest and will be willing to work with you to get the best bang for your buck.

Explore the opportunities together with confidence.  If the recipe and ingredients are a good match, the chemistry will work to create a masterpiece.

For me, it is an exciting time to see what we can cook up together to move the dial on your business forwards.

If you would like to see what we can create together, schedule a Discovery Call with me, Helen, now at a time to suit.  The link will take you through to my online call scheduler where you can pick a time directly with me.  I can’t wait to chat with you about your project.

Artisan food and drink marketing tips

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