About Word Glue Marketing

Here at Word Glue Marketing, our passion is writing heartfelt copy for your artisan food and drink business.

We create written projects that reflect who you are and what you do, so that your perfect customers fall in love with your products and services, delivering quality leads that convert to sales.

YOUR peace of mind is OUR business. Thus giving you the freedom to concentrate on other areas of your business knowing that your content campaigns are in safe hands.

As a family, (mother and son) we understand the complexities of running a business and wearing numerous hats. It comes with its benefits, of course. Although its challenges can be stimulating!

When working on your project we consider ourselves an extension of your business.

Offering flexible, cost-effective solutions to content creation and writing for artisan food & drink businesses, you can relax safe in the knowledge it’s one less hat you need to wear!

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About Word Glue Marketing – Us

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Helen Boss Wordglue Marketing

Hello, I’m Helen Boss, founder of Word Glue Marketing and Cornish Foodie.

I have many years of experience in sales & marketing, notably in hospitality and food & drink, working for a range of smaller businesses and corporate companies.

My guilty secret is that I LOVE all things Cornish food & drink!

Visiting the farm shops, farmer’s markets, and food & drink festivals to unearth special treasures is a real pleasure.

In my spare time, I sing in a choir and love walking the coastal path of my native county, Cornwall.

I also love to sail and have had a number of fun holidays sailing in the Mediterranean, as well as Cornwall. We are so fortunate to have the most wonderful sailing waters here, if not always the hot, sunny weather!

William Palmer about Word Glue Marketing

I am joined by my eldest son, William.

William writes for digital marketing agencies as a freelance ghostwriter on all things SEO, content creation, and content marketing.

William studied at Augustana College, Illinois, USA, and played collegiate tennis with the Vikings, before completing his education with a master’s degree at Bournemouth University, United Kingdom.

In his spare time, he is a co-founder, playtester, and writer for the website The Tennis Bros.com & Leicester City football supporter.

William also loves to travel. I think his chosen profession of a freelance writer was decided upon the fact that as long as there is a good internet connection and he has his trusty laptop, anything is possible!

Helen Boss

Words That Sum Us Up …

Creative, Articulate, Fun-Loving, Warm, Graceful, Imaginative, Thoughtful

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About Word Glue Marketing – The Company


We set up WordGlue Marketing because we love words. Words are powerful. They express our emotions. They tell stories.

Couple words with sales and marketing experience and you have a great opportunity to make a difference in your business, to enable you to be creative in your content, attract new business, and make more money.

Let us help you deliver clear, confident, inspired writing, for peace of mind, and freedom to concentrate on other areas of your business.


Word Glue Marketing

Glue sticks! I bet you remember glue adverts on the television. They are usually funny and memorable.

That’s what we want from your marketing – not necessarily the funny part unless of course, it fits your business, but certainly the memorable bit!

Copywriting needs to stick around on the internet, be SEO friendly, and get the message across to your audience, so it gets the click – the ka-ching of the purchase.


Marketing and sales are not always everyone’s favourite business topics.

Is This You?

You love what you do, but are hit and miss with getting your name out there in a way that fits with your business.

You are not consistent with your approach and feel so much more could be done to improve your order book.

You’d like to get a greater ROI on your marketing.

Get in touch with us now to discuss your project.

Words that describe Word Glue Marketing …

Strong, Focused, Enthusiastic, Supportive, Innovative

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